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Melanie Berndt

In Service to Love & Truth


With over 23 years of experience as a holistic practitioner, a  facilitator of Earth-Honoring practices + traditions, and a life long student of the esoteric + occult sciences – my devotion to this Sacred Work bridges the mystical with the mundane in the realms of the present moment.

I hold space for transformational experiences, inviting those I serve to explore and nurture deeper Intimacy and engagement with Life.

                   Intimacy Is Being Seen as the Person You Truly Are.


Massage is a holistic modality that promotes and supports the health of the Soma through compassionate touch and therapeutic massage techniques for deep physical healing, relaxation and restoration.

Shamanism at its roots is about creating a sacred relationship with Nature.

Nature teaches us about change and the natural cycles of life including birth, growth, death, regeneration + evolution. 

These Ancient and Universal Earth~Based healing ways incorporate various modalities and practices that a Shamanic Practitioner utilizes to support + counsel each person’s unique alchemical psychospiritual journey. 



Your Life is Only Ever Now 



Invitations To Transform and Experience Deeper Intimacy & Engagement With Life.


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90 Minutes $125



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One of the simplest ways to overcome deep-seated fear is through loving touch. 

The other antidote to fear is breath. 

Richard Rudd

Totality is embracing the whole of our Nature and the whole of Life – the pleasure and the pain. 
This means to live without allowing your mind to dictate your life.  This is life lived for the moment! 
When the magic of this gift kicks in, we begin to live a great life – one that embraces all seasons, all moods – the whole spectrum. This is what it means to be truly human.
 ~R.R. Gene Key 28

Your life is only ever now. 
~ Eckhart Tolle


Living Transmissions 

Stargazing with childlike wonder, revelling in the infinite magic of the Cosmos and my Divine connection to the Great Mystery!

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