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In Service to Love & Truth

With over 23 years of experience as a Healing Arts & Embodiment Practitioner, a Devotee of the Ancient Earth-Honoring Ways + Traditions, and a life long student of the esoteric + occult sciences and the Feminine Mysteries – my Devotion to this Sacred Work bridges the Mystical with the Mundane in the realms of the Present Moment.

Devoted to the Path of Transformation.

I hold space for transformational experiences, inviting those I serve to explore and nurture deeper Intimacy and engagement with Life.

                   Intimacy Is Being Seen as the Person You Truly Are.


Through the portal of shamanism we enter into unseen realms. 

We enter into the great mystery.

A place that exists within each one of us and yet can only be seen by closing our eyes and journeying within our sacred imagination 

Through Journey work, Shamanism invites us to curiously explore our symbolic + archetypal landscapes in ways that each of us can understand, so we can remember, reclaim and integrate ALL aspects of our being with loving kindness.

Knowing we are always whole. 

Shamanism is a path of self discovery.

A spiritual practice.

A way of life.

Each time we enter through the portal of shamanism, we deepen into a more intimate relationship with our self- to heal is a great act of self love.

Here unravel the sufferings of out past, revealing aspects of ourselves that are hidden in the deep, and re-surface inner truths.

We discover troves of hidden treasure~ medicines, teachings + allies that lie dormant within the core of our being, and awaken our inner gifts + potential so that we may access and utilize these unlimited resources into all areas our lives. 

These Ancient + Universal Earth~Based healing ways incorporate various modalities that a Shamanic practitioner utilizes to support + counsel each person’s psychospiritual journey. 

Shamanism awakens the inner healer + Medicine Woman within us all- heeding the call to heal + transform; to open our hearts and remember that we are interconnected with Mother Earth and One with all life. 


  An Invitation to re-awaken to the pleasures + intimacy of Eros~ to explore, reclaim and create new ways of being in relationship with yourself, and to transform and embrace the radical experience of being fully alive in all facets of your life.

” Totality involves accepting the entirety of your nature and of life, including both the joy and our deepest fear, the suffering. To live without letting your thinking rule your life is to be total in the meaning of this gift.
The purpose of life can only be found in the here and now, not in some distant future. This is a life lived in the present.
Our primary action is to live a great life that embraces all the different seasons, moods, and aspects of life.” R.Rudd


Your Life is Only Ever Now 



Invitations To Transform and Experience Deeper Intimacy & Engagement With Life.


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Each of us is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of (our) Life, our inner Tantrika invites us to harness the power of our shadows (all that’s been rejected, repressed, denied, abandoned) and transmute these energies through the frequencies of radical self acceptance + self love for deep healing and spiritual alchemy.” -unknown

One of the simplest ways to overcome deep-seated fear is through loving touch. 

The other antidote to fear is breath. 

Richard Rudd

Totality is embracing the whole of our Nature and the whole of Life – the pleasure and the pain. 
This means to live without allowing your mind to dictate your life.  This is life lived for the moment! 
When the magic of this gift kicks in, we begin to live a great life – one that embraces all seasons, all moods – the whole spectrum. This is what it means to be truly human.
 ~R.R. Gene Key 28


Living Transmissions 

Stargazing with childlike wonder, revelling in the infinite magic of the Cosmos and my Divine connection to the Great Mystery!

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